Commercial Electrostatic Refinishing

Electrostatic Refinishing for Commercial Properties

The processes of painting and refinishing are not applied to every exterior surface in the same way. It is not always an easy thing to know which coating solution to use. If you have questions about these exterior surfaces, be sure to give us a call at API Coatings, especially when you need to know about metal railings, fences, poles, and gates. Electrostatic refinishing may be the answer you are looking for. You can view our gallery of past projects here.

For all of your metal surfaces, look into electrostatic refinishing. It is the best way to coat and protect all metal surfaces. Also known as electrostatic painting, this type of painting process will give all metal surfaces a clean, new, refinished look. Commercial electrostatic refinishing is great for surfaces such as:

  • Metal fences and gates
  • Light poles
  • Metal furniture
  • Shutters
  • School lockers
  • Bathroom partitions
  • Antique fencing
  • Chain link fencing and railing
Electrostatic Refinishing

Many of these areas are exterior, meaning they are subject to whatever the weather throws at them. Any area exposed to the outside elements will begin to fade with time. Electrostatic refinishing brings surfaces back to life. The process involves a negatively charged coating ion. Once applied, it will adhere to the positively charged ions within the metal. The negative charge acts just like a magnet, attracting the paint to itself. What you get is a great result. The paint actually “wraps” itself around any metal surface. You can use electrostatic refinishing on many different metal surfaces and places that are hard to reach. You will always have a clean, uniform look that will last for years.