Commercial Decorative Concrete Services

Decorative Concrete Services for Commercial Properties

API Coatings has built its reputation of being a company you can rely on for a job well done. For all your painting, refinishing, staining, pressure washing, and overlays, we pledge to make sure you are getting a job that lives up to our lofty expectations. Because of this, we believe we can be your premier commercial decorative concrete contractors.

Just a few short years ago, a variety of types of flooring were popular in commercial settings. Today, polished concrete has become the flooring of choice for many businesses and companies. It is easy to imagine why, as polished concrete is not just functional and durable, but beautiful as well. Let our concrete contractors show you how you can improve your business’ look with a new floor.

Commercial Concrete Staining, Overlays, and Polishing

API Coatings has been building its reputation in the area since 2013. We know what it takes to deliver high-quality concrete services. Our quality decorative concrete contractors offer you all types of concrete polishing finishes, epoxy floor coverings, commercial decorative concrete overlays, and staining, not to mention other finish designs.

We can make your business flooring into a work of art thanks to the experience and knowledge of our team, and with our ability to utilize commercial decorative concrete scoring and overlays. Polished concrete applications look great in:

  • Retail: Wine & Beverage Stores, Drug Stores, Dollar Stores, Big Box Stores, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Auto Parts Stores, and more
  • Warehouses: Shipping & Receiving Facilities, Distribution Centers
  • Factories: Manufacturing & Power Plants
  • Institutional Flooring: Schools, Universities, Museums, Hospitals, Rehab Centers
  • Military Installations: Military Bases, Aircraft Hangars

When you make the decision to call API Coatings for your commercial decorative concrete staining and overlays, you will discover why this type of flooring has become so popular. Polished concrete looks like glass once it is refinished. You will not believe how beautiful, functional, and low-maintenance flooring like this is. Best of all, it is one of the most cost-effective flooring options around.

  • Concrete Resurfacing: Our flooring experts will apply a thin overlay to repair existing concrete. We make it look like new, with a polished finish that is sure to catch your eye.
  • Stained Concrete Overlay: This is where we apply a thin layer of polymer to existing concrete to produce a lovely, natural look. Your floors will look like brand new.
  • Resurfacing and overlays can be used for existing concrete walls as well as flooring.
  • Overlays and resurfacing are some of the most affordable ways to improve the look of your floors.
  • Resurface and overlay concrete flooring is durable, easy to maintain, and remains scratch-free.
  • Overlays are fully customizable. We can apply them with any décor style in mind. If you can imagine it, we can give you an overlay for it.

At API Coatings, we will give your concrete floors a new, fresh and stylish makeover. You might even have a hard time believing what you are looking at is concrete. Our commercial concrete contractors have combined years of industry knowledge and product expertise to bring you quality service and products.

The next time you look for ways to improve the look of your business and your flooring, know that our commercial decorative concrete contractors have everything you need to transform your business.

API Coatings is the commercial division of Accurate Painting of NW Florida, established in 2003. We specialize in a wide variety of applications and are always adding additional market segments to our tool-belt.

For the most accountable, professional, and informative commercial decorative concrete contractors, be sure to contact us. Our attention to detail means we go above and beyond with every project we take on. Let us improve your business today.